Rotate secrets on Azure Stack HCI, version 23H2

Applies to: Azure Stack HCI, version 23H2

This article describes how you can change the password associated with the deployment user on Azure Stack HCI.

Change deployment user password

Use the PowerShell cmdlet Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword to rotate theAzureStackLCMUserCredential domain administrator credential secrets. This cmdlet changes the password of the user that connects to the server hosts.


When you run Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword, the cmdlet only updates what was previously changed in Active Directory.

PowerShell cmdlet and properties

The Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword cmdlet takes the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Identity Username of the user whose password you want to change.
OldPassword The current password of the user.
NewPassword The new password for the user.
UpdateAD Optional parameter used to set a new password in Active Directory.

Run Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword cmdlet

Set the parameters and then run the Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword cmdlet to change the password:

$old_pass = convertto-securestring "<Old password>" -asplaintext -force
$new_pass = convertto-securestring "<New password>" -asplaintext -force

Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword -Identity mgmt -OldPassword $old_pass -NewPassword $new_pass -UpdateAD 

Once the password is changed, the session ends. You then need to sign in with the updated password.

Here's a sample output when using Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword:

PS C:\Users\MGMT> $old_pass = convertto-securestring "Passwordl23!" -asplaintext -force 
PS C:\Users\MGMT> $new_pass = convertto-securestring "Passwordl23!1" -asplaintext -force
PS C:\Users\MGMT> Set-AzureStackLCMUserPassword -Identity mgmt -OldPassword $old_pass -NewPassword $new_pass -UpdateAD 
The current session will be unresponsive once this command completes. You will have to login again with updated credentials. Do you want to continue?
Updating password in AD.
WARNING: Please close this session and log in again.
PS C:\Users\MGMT> 

Change deployment service principal

This section describes how you can change the service principal used for deployment.


This scenario applies only when you upgraded Azure Stack HCI 2306 software to Azure Stack HCI, version 23H2.

Follow these steps in to change the deployment service principal:

  1. Sign on to your Microsoft Entra ID.

  2. Locate the service principal that you used when deploying the Azure Stack HCI cluster. Create a new client secret for the service principal.

  3. Make a note of the appID for the existing service principal and the new <client secret>.

  4. Sign on to one of your Azure Stack HCI server nodes using the deployment user credentials.

  5. Run the following PowerShell commands:

    Import-Module Microsoft.AS.ArcIntegration.psm1 -Force
    $secretText=ConvertTo-SecureString -String <client secret> -AsPlainText -Force
    Update-ServicePrincipalName -AppId <appID> -SecureSecretText $secretText

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