Introduction to Azure Stack Hub networking

Azure Stack Hub provides different kinds of networking capabilities that can be used together or separately:

  • Connectivity between Azure Stack Hub resources: Connect Azure resources together in a secure and private virtual network in the cloud.
  • Internet connectivity: Communicate to and from Azure Stack Hub resources over the internet.
  • On-premises connectivity: Connect an on-premises network to Azure Stack Hub resources through a virtual private network (VPN) over the internet, or through a dedicated connection to Azure Stack Hub.


    You must create a VPN or public IP connection in order to access on-premises resources.

  • Load balancing and traffic direction: Load balance traffic to servers in the same location and direct traffic to servers in different locations.
  • Security: Filter network traffic between network subnets or individual VMs.
  • Routing: Use default routing or fully control routing between your Azure Stack Hub and on-premises resources.
  • Manageability: Monitor and manage your Azure Stack Hub networking resources.
  • Deployment and configuration tools: Use a web-based portal or cross-platform command-line tools to deploy and configure network resources.

Azure Stack Hub IPv6 support

Azure Stack Hub does not offer support for IPv6 and there are no roadmap items to provide support.

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