Tutorial: Configure Haventec with Azure Active Directory B2C for single step, multifactor passwordless authentication

In this sample tutorial, learn how to integrate Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C authentication with Haventec. Haventec provides decentralized identity platform that transform security, accessibility, and experience. Haventec Authenticate provides a passwordless technology that eliminates passwords, shared secrets, and friction.

Scenario description

The Haventec integration includes the following components:

  • Azure AD B2C - The authorization server, responsible for verifying the user's credentials, also known as the Identity Provider.

  • Web and mobile applications - Any Open ID Connect (OIDC) mobile or web applications protected by Haventec and Azure AD B2C.

  • Haventec Authenticate service - Acts as the external Identity Provider to your Azure AD B2C tenant.

The following architecture diagram shows the implementation.

Image shows the architecture diagram

Steps Description
1. User arrives at a login page. Users select sign-in/sign-up and enter the username
2. The application sends the user attributes to Azure AD B2C for identity verification.
3. Azure AD B2C collects the user attributes and sends the attributes to Haventec to authenticate the user through the Haventec Authenticate app.
4. For new users only, Haventec Authenticate sends a push notification to the registered users' mobile device. It can also send an email with an OTP for device registration.
5. After the user responds to the push notification, the user is either granted or denied access to the customer application based on the verification results. New cryptographic keys are generated and pushed into the user's device to have it ready for the next session.

Onboard with Haventec

Get in touch with Haventec to request a demo. While filling out the request form, indicate that you want to onboard with Azure AD B2C. You'll be notified through email once your demo environment is ready.

Integrate Haventec with Azure AD B2C


To get started, you'll need:

Part - 1 Create an application registration in Haventec

If you haven't already done so, register a web application.

Part - 2 Add a new Identity provider in Azure AD B2C

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as the global administrator of your Azure AD B2C tenant.

  2. Make sure you're using the directory that contains your Azure AD B2C tenant by selecting the Directory + subscription filter in the top menu and choosing the directory that contains your tenant.

  3. Choose All services in the top-left corner of the Azure portal, search for and select Azure AD B2C.

  4. Navigate to Dashboard > Azure Active Directory B2C > Identity providers.

  5. Select New OpenID Connect Provider.

  6. Select Add.

Part - 3 Configure an Identity provider

To configure an identity provider, follow these steps:

  1. Select Identity provider type > OpenID Connect

  2. Fill out the form to set up the Identity provider:

    Property Value
    Name Enter Haventec or a name of your choice
    Metadata URL https://iam.demo.haventec.com/auth/realms/*your\_realm\_name*/.well-known/openid-configuration
    Client ID The application ID from the Haventec admin UI captured in Part - 1
    Client Secret The application Secret from the Haventec admin UI captured in Part - 1
    Scope OpenID email profile
    Response type Code
    Response mode forms_post
    Domain hint Blank
  3. Select OK.

  4. Select Map this identity provider's claims.

  5. Fill out the form to map the Identity provider:

    Property Value
    User ID From subscription
    Display name From subscription
    Given name given_name
    Surname family_name
    Email Email
  6. Select Save to complete the setup for your new OIDC Identity provider.

Create a user flow policy

You should now see Haventec as a new OIDC Identity provider listed within your B2C identity providers.

  1. In your Azure AD B2C tenant, under Policies, select User flows.

  2. Select New user flow.

  3. Select Sign up and sign in > version > Create.

  4. Enter a Name for your policy.

  5. In the Identity providers section, select your newly created Haventec Identity provider.

  6. Select None for Local Accounts to disable email and password-based authentication.

  7. Select Run user flow

  8. In the form, enter the Replying URL, for example, https://jwt.ms

  9. The browser will be redirected to the Haventec login page

  10. User will be asked to register if new or enter a PIN for an existing user.

  11. Once the authentication challenge is accepted, the browser will redirect the user to the replying URL.

Test the user flow

Open the Azure AD B2C tenant and under Policies select User flows.

  1. Select your previously created User Flow.

  2. Select Run user flow and select the settings:

    a. Application: select the registered app (sample is JWT)

    b. Reply URL: select the redirect URL

    c. Select Run user flow.

  3. Go through sign-up flow and create an account

  4. Haventec Authenticate will be called during the flow.

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