Understand how expression builder in Application Provisioning works

You can use expressions to map attributes. Previously, you had to create these expressions manually and enter them into the expression box. Expression builder is a tool you can use to help you create expressions.

The default expression builder page before selecting a function.

For reference on building expressions, see Reference for writing expressions for attribute mappings.

Finding the expression builder

In application provisioning, you use expressions for attribute mappings. You access Express Builder on the attribute-mapping page by selecting Show advanced options and then select Expression builder.

The checkbox to show advanced settings is selected and a link is shown that says expression builder

Using expression builder

To use expression builder, select a function and attribute and then enter a suffix if needed. Then select Add expression to add the expression to the code box. To learn more about the functions available and how to use them, see Reference for writing expressions for attribute mappings.

Test the expression by searching for a user or providing values and selecting Test expression. The output of the expression test will appear in the View expression output box.

When you're satisfied with the expression, move it to an attribute mapping. Copy and paste it into the expression box for the attribute mapping you're working on.

Known limitations

  • Extension attributes are not available for selection in the expression builder. However, extension attributes can be used in the attribute mapping expression.

Next steps

Reference for writing expressions for attribute mappings