Use queries to see how users access information

The Audit dashboard in Permissions Management provides an overview of queries a Permissions Management user has created to review how users access their authorization systems and accounts.

This article provides an overview of the components of the Audit dashboard.

View information in the Audit dashboard

  1. In Permissions Management, select the Audit tab.

    Permissions Management displays the query options available to you.

  2. The following options display at the top of the Audit dashboard:

    • A tab for each existing query. Select the tab to see details about the query.
    • New Query: Select the tab to create a new query.
    • New tab (+): Select the tab to add a New Query tab.
    • Saved Queries: Select to view a list of saved queries.
  3. To return to the main page, select Back to Audit Trail.

Use a query to view information

  1. In Permissions Management, select the Audit tab.

  2. The New query tab displays the following options:

    • Authorization Systems Type: A list of your authorization systems: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Platform (Platform).

    • Authorization System: A List of accounts and Folders in the authorization system.

      • To display a List of accounts and Folders in the authorization system, select the down arrow, and then select Apply.
  3. To add an Audit Trail Condition, select Conditions (the eye icon), select the conditions you want to add, and then select Close.

  4. To edit existing parameters, select Edit (the pencil icon).

  5. To add the parameter that you created to the query, select Add.

  6. To search for activity data that you can add to the query, select Search .

  7. To save your query, select Save.

  8. To save your query under a different name, select Save As (the ellipses (...) icon).

  9. To discard your work and start creating a query again, select Reset Query.

  10. To delete a query, select the X to the right of the query tab.

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