Considerations for using Universal Windows Platform with MSAL.NET

Developers of applications that use Universal Windows Platform (UWP) with MSAL.NET should consider the concepts this article presents.

The UseCorporateNetwork property

On the Windows Runtime (WinRT) platform, PublicClientApplication has the Boolean property UseCorporateNetwork. This property enables Windows 10 applications and UWP applications to benefit from integrated Windows authentication (IWA) if the user is signed in to an account that has a federated Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. Users who are signed in to the operating system can also use single sign-on (SSO). When you set the UseCorporateNetwork property, MSAL.NET uses a web authentication broker (WAB).


Setting the UseCorporateNetwork property to true assumes that the application developer has enabled IWA in the application. To enable IWA:

  • In your UWP application's Package.appxmanifest, on the Capabilities tab, enable the following capabilities:
    • Enterprise Authentication
    • Private Networks (Client & Server)
    • Shared User Certificate

IWA isn't enabled by default because Microsoft Store requires a high level of verification before it accepts applications that request the capabilities of enterprise authentication or shared user certificates. Not all developers want to do this level of verification.

On the UWP platform, the underlying WAB implementation doesn't work correctly in enterprise scenarios where conditional access is enabled. Users see symptoms of this problem when they try to sign in by using Windows Hello. When the user is asked to choose a certificate:

  • The certificate for the PIN isn't found.
  • After the user chooses a certificate, they aren't prompted for the PIN.

You can try to avoid this issue by using an alternative method such as username-password and phone authentication, but the experience isn't good.


Some customers have reported the following sign-in error in specific enterprise environments in which they know that they have an internet connection and that the connection works with a public network.

We can't connect to the service you need right now. Check your network connection or try this again later.

You can avoid this issue by making sure that WAB (the underlying Windows component) allows a private network. You can do that by setting a registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\authhost.exe\EnablePrivateNetwork = 00000001

For more information, see Web authentication broker - Fiddler.

Next steps

The following samples provide more information.

Sample Platform Description
active-directory-dotnet-native-uwp-v2 UWP A UWP client application that uses MSAL.NET. It accesses Microsoft Graph for a user who authenticates by using an Azure AD 2.0 endpoint.
active-directory-xamarin-native-v2 Xamarin iOS, Android, UWP A Xamarin Forms app that shows how to use MSAL to authenticate Microsoft personal accounts and Azure AD via the Microsoft identity platform. It also shows how to access Microsoft Graph and shows the resulting token.
Diagram that shows how to use MSAL to authenticate Microsoft personal accounts and Azure AD via the Microsoft identity platform.