Tutorial: Add or remove group members automatically

In Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, you can automatically add or remove users to security groups or Microsoft 365 groups, so you don't always have to do it manually. Whenever any properties of a user or device change, Azure AD evaluates all dynamic group rules in your Azure AD organization to see if the change should add or remove members.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Create an automatically populated group of guest users from a partner company
  • Assign licenses to the group for the partner-specific features for guest users to access
  • Bonus: secure the All users group by removing guest users so that, for example, you can give your member users access to internal-only sites

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.


This feature requires one Azure AD Premium license for you as the global administrator of the organization. If you don't have one, in Azure AD, select Licenses > Products > Try/Buy.

You're not required to assign licenses to the users for them to be members in dynamic groups. You only need the minimum number of available Azure AD Premium P1 licenses in the organization to cover all such users.

Create a group of guest users

First, you'll create a group for your guest users who all are from a single partner company. They need special licensing, so it's often more efficient to create a group for this purpose.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal (https://portal.azure.com) with an account that is the global administrator for your organization.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory > Groups > New group. select command to start a new group

  3. On the Group blade:

    • Select Security as the group type.
    • Enter Guest users Contoso as the name and description for the group.
    • Change Membership type to Dynamic User.
  4. Select Owners and in the Add Owners blade search for any desired owners. Click on the desired owners to add to the selection.

  5. Click Select to close the Add Owners blade.

  6. Select Edit dynamic query in the Dynamic user members box.

  7. On the Dynamic membership rules blade:

    • In the Property field, click on the existing value and select userType.
    • Verify that the Operator field has Equals selected.
    • Select the Value field and enter Guest.
    • Click the Add Expression hyperlink to add another line.
    • In the And/Or field, select And.
    • In the Property field, select companyName.
    • Verify that the Operator field has Equals selected.
    • In the Value field, enter Contoso.
    • Click Save to close the Dynamic membership rules blade.
  8. On the Group blade, select Create to create the group.

Assign licenses

Now that you have your new group, you can apply the licenses that these partner users need.

  1. In Azure AD, select Licenses, select one or more licenses, and then select Assign.
  2. Select Users and groups, and select the Guest users Contoso group, and save your changes.
  3. Assignment options allow you to turn on or off the service plans included the licenses that you selected. When you make a change, be sure to click OK to save your changes.
  4. To complete the assignment, on the Assign license pane, click Assign at the bottom of the pane.

Remove guests from All users group

Perhaps your ultimate administrative plan is to assign all of your guest users to their own groups by company. You can also now change the All users group so that it is reserved for only members users in your organization. Then you can use it to assign apps and licenses that are specific to your home organization.

Change All users group to members only

Clean up resources

To remove the guest users group

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with an account that is the Global Administrator for your organization.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory > Groups. Select the Guest users Contoso group, select the ellipsis (...), and then select Delete. When you delete the group, any assigned licenses are removed.

To restore the All Users group

  1. Select Azure Active Directory > Groups. Select the name of the All users group to open the group.
  2. Select Dynamic membership rules, clear all the text in the rule, and select Save.

Next steps

In this tutorial, you learned how to:

  • Create a group of guest users
  • Assign licenses to your new group
  • Change All users group to members only

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