Configure enterprise application properties

This article shows you where you can configure the properties of an enterprise application in your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. For more information about the properties that you can configure, see Properties of an enterprise application.


To configure the properties of an enterprise application, you need:

  • An Azure AD user account. If you don't already have one, you can Create an account for free.
  • One of the following roles: Global Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, Application Administrator, or owner of the service principal.

Configure application properties

Application properties control how the application is represented and how the application is accessed.

To configure the application properties:

  1. Go to the Azure Active Directory Admin Center and sign in using one of the roles listed in the prerequisites.
  2. In the left menu, select Enterprise applications. The All applications pane opens and displays a list of the applications in your Azure AD tenant. Search for and select the application that you want to use.
  3. In the Manage section, select Properties to open the Properties pane for editing.
  4. Configure the properties based on the needs of your application.

Use Microsoft Graph to configure application properties

You can also configure properties of both app registrations and enterprise applications (service principals) through Microsoft Graph. These can include basic properties, permissions, and role assignments. For more information, see Create and manage an Azure AD application using Microsoft Graph.

Next steps

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