Assign a role to a group using Privileged Identity Management

This article describes how you can assign an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) role to a group using Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM).


You must be using the updated version of Privileged Identity Management to be able to assign a group to an Azure AD role using PIM. You might be on older version of PIM if your Azure AD organization leverages the Privileged Identity Management API. If so, please reach out to the alias to move your organization and update your API. Learn more at Azure AD roles and features in PIM.


  • Azure AD Premium P2 license
  • Privileged Role Administrator or Global Administrator
  • AzureADPreview module when using PowerShell
  • Admin consent when using Graph explorer for Microsoft Graph API

For more information, see Prerequisites to use PowerShell or Graph Explorer.

Azure portal

  1. Sign in to Azure AD Privileged Identity Management.

  2. Select Privileged Identity Management > Azure AD roles > Roles > Add assignments

  3. Select a role, and then select a group. Only groups that are eligible for role assignment (role-assignable groups) are displayed, not all groups.

    Screenshot that shows the "Add assignments" page with the "Select role" and "Select member(s)" sections highlighted.

  4. Select the desired membership setting. For roles requiring activation, choose eligible. By default, the user would be permanently eligible, but you could also set a start and end time for the user's eligibility. Once you are complete, hit Save and Add to complete the role assignment.

    select the user to whom you're assigning the role


Assign a group as an eligible member of a role

$schedule = New-Object Microsoft.Open.MSGraph.Model.AzureADMSPrivilegedSchedule
$schedule.Type = "Once"
$schedule.StartDateTime = "2019-04-26T20:49:11.770Z"
$schedule.endDateTime = "2019-07-25T20:49:11.770Z"
Open-AzureADMSPrivilegedRoleAssignmentRequest -ProviderId aadRoles -Schedule $schedule -ResourceId "[YOUR TENANT ID]" -RoleDefinitionId "9f8c1837-f885-4dfd-9a75-990f9222b21d" -SubjectId "[YOUR GROUP ID]" -AssignmentState "Eligible" -Type "AdminAdd"

Microsoft Graph API

 "roleDefinitionId": {roleDefinitionId},
 "resourceId": {tenantId},
 "subjectId": {GroupId},
 "assignmentState": "Eligible",
 "type": "AdminAdd",
 "reason": "reason string",
 "schedule": {
   "startDateTime": {DateTime},
   "endDateTime": {DateTime},
   "type": "Once"

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