Entra Verified ID Services partners

Our Services partner network extends and accelerates Microsoft Entra Verified ID adoption. Service partners offer advisory, implementation, integration and managed service capabilities that can help you build seamless end-user experiences using Entra Verified ID.

Services partner list

You could select a partner from the list and build seamless end-user experiences for onboarding, secure access to critical services, self-service and custom business application scenarios. If you're a Services Partner and would like to be considered into Entra Verified ID partner documentation, submit your application request

Services partner Website
Screenshot of Affinitiquest logo Secure Personally Identifiable Information | AffinitiQuest
Screenshot of Avanade logo Avanade Entra Verified ID Consulting Services
Screenshot of Credivera logo Credivera: Digital Identity Solutions | Verifiable Credentials
Screenshot of Condatis logo Decentralized Identity | Condatis
Screenshot of DXC logo Digital Identity - Connect with DXC
Screenshot of CTC logo CTC's SELMID offering
Screenshot of Kocho logo Connect with Kocho. See Verified Identity in Action
See Verified Identity in Action
Screenshot of Predica logo Verified ID - Predica Group
Screenshot of Sphereon logo Sphereon supports customers on Microsoft's Entra Verified ID
Screenshot of Unify logo Microsoft Entra Verified ID - UNIFY Solutions
Screenshot of Whoiam logo Microsoft Entra Verified ID - WhoIAM

Next steps

Select a partner in the table to learn about their Entra Verified ID services offerings, what kind of use cases were deployed and how they can support you.