Text Translation REST API

Text Translation is a cloud-based feature of the Azure AI Translator service and is part of the Azure AI service family of REST APIs. The Text Translation API translates text between language pairs across all supported languages and dialects. The available methods are listed in the following table:

Request Method Description
languages GET Returns the set of languages currently supported by the translation, transliteration, and dictionary methods. This request doesn't require authentication headers and you don't need a Translator resource to view the supported language set.
translate POST Translate specified source language text into the target language text.
transliterate POST Map source language script or alphabet to a target language script or alphabet.
detect POST Identify the source language.
breakSentence POST Returns an array of integers representing the length of sentences in a source text.
dictionary/lookup POST Returns alternatives for single word translations.
dictionary/examples POST Returns how a term is used in context.