Check the format of your COCO annotation file


This article is based on the Jupyter notebook check_coco_annotation.ipynb. Open in GitHub.

This guide demonstrates how to check if the format of your annotation file is correct. First, install the python samples package from the command line:

pip install cognitive-service-vision-model-customization-python-samples

Then, run the following python code to check the file's format. You can either enter this code in a Python script, or run the Jupyter Notebook on a compatible platform.

from cognitive_service_vision_model_customization_python_samples import check_coco_annotation_file, AnnotationKind, Purpose
import pathlib
import json

coco_file_path = pathlib.Path("{your_coco_file_path}")
annotation_kind = AnnotationKind.MULTICLASS_CLASSIFICATION # or AnnotationKind.OBJECT_DETECTION
purpose = Purpose.TRAINING # or Purpose.EVALUATION

check_coco_annotation_file(json.loads(coco_file_path.read_text()), annotation_kind, purpose)

Use COCO file in a new project

Once your COCO file is verified, you're ready to import it to your model customization project. See Create and train a custom model and go to the section on selecting/importing a COCO file—you can follow the guide from there to the end.

Next steps