Content Moderator API reference

You can get started with Azure Content Moderator APIs by doing the following:

You can use the following Content Moderator APIs to set up your post-moderation workflows.

Description Reference
Image Moderation API

Scan images and detect potential adult and racy content by using tags, confidence scores, and other extracted information.
Image Moderation API reference
Text Moderation API

Scan text content. Profanity terms and personal data are returned.
Text Moderation API reference
Video Moderation API

Scan videos and detect potential adult and racy content.
Video Moderation API overview
List Management API

Create and manage custom exclusion or inclusion lists of images and text. If enabled, the Image - Match and Text - Screen operations do fuzzy matching of the submitted content against your custom lists.

For efficiency, you can skip the machine learning-based moderation step.

List Management API reference