Create a Document Intelligence resource

This content applies to: checkmark v4.0 (preview) checkmark v3.1 (GA) checkmark v3.0 (GA) checkmark v2.1 (GA)

Azure AI Document Intelligence is a cloud-based Azure AI service that uses machine-learning models to extract key-value pairs, text, and tables from your documents. In this article, learn how to create a Document Intelligence resource in the Azure portal.

Visit the Azure portal

The Azure portal is a single platform you can use to create and manage Azure services.

Let's get started:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select Create a resource from the Azure home page.

  3. Search for and choose Document Intelligence from the search bar.

  4. Select the Create button.

Create a resource

  1. Next, you're going to fill out the Create Document Intelligence fields with the following values:

    • Subscription. Select your current subscription.
    • Resource group. The Azure resource group that contains your resource. You can create a new group or add it to a pre-existing group.
    • Region. Select your local region.
    • Name. Enter a name for your resource. We recommend using a descriptive name, for example YourNameFormRecognizer.
    • Pricing tier. The cost of your resource depends on the pricing tier you choose and your usage. For more information, see pricing details. You can use the free pricing tier (F0) to try the service, and upgrade later to a paid tier for production.
  2. Select Review + Create.

    Still image showing the correct values for creating Document Intelligence resource.

  3. Azure will run a quick validation check, after a few seconds you should see a green banner that says Validation Passed.

  4. Once the validation banner appears, select the Create button from the bottom-left corner.

  5. After you select create, you'll be redirected to a new page that says Deployment in progress. After a few seconds, you'll see a message that says, Your deployment is complete.

Get Endpoint URL and keys

  1. Once you receive the deployment is complete message, select the Go to resource button.

  2. Copy the key and endpoint values from your Document Intelligence resource paste them in a convenient location, such as Microsoft Notepad. You need the key and endpoint values to connect your application to the Document Intelligence API.

  3. If your overview page doesn't have the keys and endpoint visible, you can select the Keys and Endpoint button, on the left navigation bar, and retrieve them there.

    Still photo showing how to access resource key and endpoint URL

That's it! You're now ready to start automating data extraction using Azure AI Document Intelligence.

Next steps

  • Try the Document Intelligence Studio, an online tool for visually exploring, understanding, and integrating features from the Document Intelligence service into your applications.

  • Complete a Document Intelligence quickstart and get started creating a document processing app in the development language of your choice: