What is Document Intelligence Studio?

This content applies to:checkmark v4.0 (preview) | Previous versions: blue-checkmark v3.1 (GA) blue-checkmark v3.0 (GA)

Document Intelligence Studio is an online tool to visually explore, understand, train, and integrate features from the Document Intelligence service into your applications. The studio provides a platform for you to experiment with the different Document Intelligence models and sample returned data in an interactive manner without the need to write code.

The studio supports Document Intelligence v3.0 models and v3.0 model training. Previously trained v2.1 models with labeled data are supported, but not v2.1 model training. Refer to the REST API migration guide for detailed information about migrating from v2.1 to v3.0.

Get started using Document Intelligence Studio

  1. To use Document Intelligence Studio, you need the following assets:

    • Azure subscription - Create one for free.

    • Azure AI services or Document Intelligence resource. Once you have your Azure subscription, create a single-service or multi-service resource, in the Azure portal to get your key and endpoint. Use the free pricing tier (F0) to try the service, and upgrade later to a paid tier for production.

  2. Navigate to the Document Intelligence Studio. If it's your first time logging in, a popup window appears prompting you to configure your service resource. You have two options:

    a. Access by Resource.

    • Choose your existing subscription.
    • Select an existing resource group within your subscription or create a new one.
    • Select your existing Document Intelligence or Azure AI services resource.

    b. Access by API endpoint and key.

    • Retrieve your endpoint and key from the Azure portal.
    • Go to the overview page for your resource and select Keys and Endpoint from the left navigation bar.
    • Enter the values in the appropriate fields.

    Screenshot of keys and endpoint location in the Azure portal.

  3. Once you've completed configuring your resource, you're able to try the different models offered by Document Intelligence Studio. From the front page, select any Document Intelligence model to try using with a no-code approach.

    Screenshot of Document Intelligence Studio front page.

  4. After you've tried Document Intelligence Studio, use the C#, Java, JavaScript or Python client libraries or the REST API to get started incorporating Document Intelligence models into your own applications.

To learn more about each model, see concept pages.

Model type Model name
Document analysis models Read OCR
Layout analysis
General document (deprecated 2023-10-31-preview)
Prebuilt models Health insurance card
W-2 form
US 1098 tax form
US 1098-E tax form
US 1098-T tax form
Identity (ID) document
Business card (deprecated 2023-10-31-preview)
Custom models Custom model overview

Extraction models
   ○ Custom template
   ○ Custom neural

Classifier model
   ○ Custom classifier

Composed model

Manage your resource

To view resource details such as name and pricing tier, select the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the Document Intelligence Studio home page and select the Resource tab. If you have access to other resources, you can switch resources as well.

Screenshot of the studio settings page resource tab.

With Document Intelligence, you can quickly automate your data processing in applications and workflows, easily enhance data-driven strategies, and skillfully enrich document search capabilities.

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