Error guide v4.0, v3.1, and v3.0

Document Intelligence uses a unified design to represent all errors encountered in the REST APIs. Whenever an API operation returns a 4xx or 5xx status code, additional information about the error is returned in the response JSON body as follows:

  "error": {
    "code": "InvalidRequest",
    "message": "Invalid request.",
    "innererror": {
      "code": "InvalidContent",
      "message": "The file format is unsupported or corrupted. Refer to documentation for the list of supported formats."

For long-running operations where multiple errors are encountered, the top-level error code is set to the most severe error, with the individual errors listed under the error.details property. In such scenarios, the target property of each individual error specifies the trigger of the error.

    "status": "failed",
    "createdDateTime": "2021-07-14T10:17:51Z",
    "lastUpdatedDateTime": "2021-07-14T10:17:51Z",
    "error": {
        "code": "InternalServerError",
        "message": "An unexpected error occurred.",
        "details": [
                "code": "InternalServerError",
                "message": "An unexpected error occurred."
                "code": "InvalidContentDimensions",
                "message": "The input image dimensions are out of range. Refer to documentation for supported image dimensions.",
                "target": "2"

The top-level error.code property can be one of the following error code messages:

Error Code Message Http Status
InvalidRequest Invalid request. 400
InvalidArgument Invalid argument. 400
Forbidden Access forbidden due to policy or other configuration. 403
NotFound Resource not found. 404
MethodNotAllowed The requested HTTP method isn't allowed. 405
Conflict The request couldn't be completed due to a conflict. 409
UnsupportedMediaType Request content type isn't supported. 415
InternalServerError An unexpected error occurred. 500
ServiceUnavailable A transient error has occurred. Try again. 503

When possible, more details are specified in the inner error property.

Top Error Code Inner Error Code Message
Conflict ModelExists A model with the provided name already exists.
Forbidden AuthorizationFailed Authorization failed: {details}
Forbidden InvalidDataProtectionKey Data protection key is invalid: {details}
Forbidden OutboundAccessForbidden The request contains a disallowed domain name or violates the current access control policy.
InternalServerError Unknown Unknown error.
InvalidArgument InvalidContentSourceFormat Invalid content source: {details}
InvalidArgument InvalidParameter The parameter {parameterName} is invalid: {details}
InvalidArgument InvalidParameterLength Parameter {parameterName} length must not exceed {maxChars} characters.
InvalidArgument InvalidSasToken The shared access signature (SAS) is invalid: {details}
InvalidArgument ParameterMissing The parameter {parameterName} is required.
InvalidRequest ContentSourceNotAccessible Content isn't accessible: {details}
InvalidRequest ContentSourceTimeout Timeout while receiving the file from client.
InvalidRequest DocumentModelLimit Account can't create more than {maximumModels} models.
InvalidRequest DocumentModelLimitNeural Account can't create more than 10 custom neural models per month. Contact support to request more capacity.
InvalidRequest DocumentModelLimitComposed Account can't create a model with more than {details} component models.
InvalidRequest InvalidContent The file is corrupted or format is unsupported. Refer to documentation for the list of supported formats.
InvalidRequest InvalidContentDimensions The input image dimensions are out of range. Refer to documentation for supported image dimensions.
InvalidRequest InvalidContentLength The input image is too large. Refer to documentation for the maximum file size.
InvalidRequest InvalidFieldsDefinition Invalid fields: {details}
InvalidRequest InvalidTrainingContentLength Training content contains {bytes} bytes. Training is limited to {maxBytes} bytes.
InvalidRequest InvalidTrainingContentPageCount Training content contains {pages} pages. Training is limited to {pages} pages.
InvalidRequest ModelAnalyzeError Couldn't analyze using a custom model: {details}
InvalidRequest ModelBuildError Couldn't build the model: {details}
InvalidRequest ModelComposeError Couldn't compose the model: {details}
InvalidRequest ModelNotReady Model isn't ready for the requested operation. Wait for training to complete or check for operation errors.
InvalidRequest ModelReadOnly The requested model is read-only.
InvalidRequest NotSupportedApiVersion The requested operation requires {minimumApiVersion} or later.
InvalidRequest OperationNotCancellable The operation can no longer be canceled.
InvalidRequest TrainingContentMissing Training data is missing: {details}
InvalidRequest UnsupportedContent Content isn't supported: {details}
NotFound ModelNotFound The requested model wasn't found. It's deleted or still building.
NotFound OperationNotFound The requested operation wasn't found. The identifier is invalid or the operation has expired.