How to prepare HTML content for Immersive Reader

This article shows you how to structure your HTML and retrieve the content, so that it can be used by Immersive Reader.

Prepare the HTML content

Place the content that you want to render in the Immersive Reader inside of a container element. Be sure that the container element has a unique id. The Immersive Reader provides support for basic HTML elements, see the reference for more information.

<div id='immersive-reader-content'>
    <ul><li>Unordered lists</li></ul>
    <ol><li>Ordered lists</li></ol>

Get the HTML content in JavaScript

Use the id of the container element to get the HTML content in your JavaScript code.

const htmlContent = document.getElementById('immersive-reader-content').innerHTML;

Launch the Immersive Reader with your HTML content

When calling ImmersiveReader.launchAsync, set the chunk's mimeType property to text/html to enable rendering HTML.

const data = {
    chunks: [{
        content: htmlContent,
        mimeType: 'text/html'

ImmersiveReader.launchAsync(YOUR_TOKEN, YOUR_SUBDOMAIN, data, YOUR_OPTIONS);

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