Publish a custom model

Publishing your model makes it available for use with the Translator API. A project might have one or many successfully trained models. You can only publish one model per project; however, you can publish a model to one or multiple regions depending on your needs. For more information, see Translator pricing.

Publish your trained model

You can publish one model per project to one or multiple regions.

  1. Select the Publish model blade.

  2. Select en-de with sample data and select Publish.

  3. Check the desired region(s).

  4. Select Publish. The status should transition from Deploying to Deployed.

    Screenshot illustrating the publish model blade.

Replace a published model

To replace a published model, you can exchange the published model with a different model in the same region(s):

  1. Select the replacement model.

  2. Select Publish.

  3. Select publish once more in the Publish model dialog window.

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