Quickstart: Generate product name ideas in the Azure AI Studio playground


Azure AI Studio is currently in public preview. This preview is provided without a service-level agreement, and we don't recommend it for production workloads. Certain features might not be supported or might have constrained capabilities. For more information, see Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

Use this article to get started making your first calls to Azure OpenAI.


Try text completions

To use the Azure OpenAI for text completions in the playground, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Azure AI Studio.

  2. Go to your project or create a new project in Azure AI Studio.

  3. From the Azure AI Studio Home page, select Build > Playground.

  4. Select your deployment from the Deployments dropdown.

  5. Select Completions from the Mode dropdown menu.

  6. In the Prompt text box, enter the following text:

    Generate product name ideas for a yet to be launched wearable health device that will allow users to monitor their health and wellness in real-time using AI and share their health metrics with their friends and family. The generated product name ideas should reflect the product's key features, have an international appeal, and evoke positive emotions.
    Seed words: fast, healthy, compact
    Example product names: 
    1. WellnessVibe
    2. HealthFlux
    3. VitalTracker

    Screenshot of the Azure AI Studio playground with the Generate product name ideas dropdown selection visible.

  7. Select Generate. Azure OpenAI generates product name ideas based on the prompt. You should get a result that resembles the following list:

    Product names:
    1. VitalFlow
    2. HealthSwift
    3. BodyPulse
    4. HealthPulse
    5. VitalTracker
    6. WellMate
    7. HealthMate
    8. BodyMate
    9. VitalWear
    10. HealthWear 
    11. BodyTrack
    12. Health

    Screenshot of the playground page of the Azure AI Studio with the generated completion.

Playground options

You've now successfully generated product name ideas using Azure OpenAI. You can experiment with the configuration settings such as temperature and preresponse text to improve the performance of your task. You can read more about each parameter in the Azure OpenAI REST API documentation.

  • Selecting the Generate button sends the entered text to the completions API and stream the results back to the text box.
  • Select the Undo button to undo the prior generation call.
  • Select the Regenerate button to complete an undo and generation call together.

Azure OpenAI also performs content moderation on the prompt inputs and generated outputs. The prompts or responses can be filtered if harmful content is detected. For more information, see the content filter article.

In the playground you can also view python, json, C#, and curl code samples prefilled according to your selected settings. Just select View code next to the examples dropdown. You can write an application to complete the same task with the OpenAI Python SDK, curl, or other REST API client.

Screenshot of the playground page of the Azure AI Studio with python sample code in view.

Clean up resources

To avoid incurring unnecessary Azure costs, you should delete the resources you created in this quickstart if they're no longer needed. To manage resources, you can use the Azure portal.

Next steps