Support and troubleshooting for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Here are suggestions for where you can get help when developing your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) solutions.

Self help troubleshooting

Various articles explain how to determine, diagnose, and fix issues that you might encounter when using Azure Kubernetes Service. Use these articles to troubleshoot deployment failures, security-related problems, connection issues and more.

For a full list of self help troubleshooting content, see Azure Kubernetes Service troubleshooting documentation

Post a question on Microsoft Q&A

For quick and reliable answers on your technical product questions from Microsoft Engineers, Azure Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), or our expert community, engage with us on Microsoft Q&A, Azure's preferred destination for community support.

If you can't find an answer to your problem using search, submit a new question to Microsoft Q&A. Use one of the following tags when asking your question:

Area Tag
Azure Kubernetes Service azure-kubernetes-service
Azure Container Registry azure-container-registry
Azure storage accounts azure-storage-accounts
Azure Managed Identities azure-managed-identity
Azure RBAC azure-rbac
Azure Active Directory azure-active-directory
Azure Policy azure-policy
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets virtual-machine-scale-sets
Azure Virtual Network azure-virtual-network
Azure Application Gateway azure-application-gateway
Azure Virtual Machines azure-virtual-machines

Create an Azure support request

Explore the range of Azure support options and choose the plan that best fits, whether you're a developer just starting your cloud journey or a large organization deploying business-critical, strategic applications. Azure customers can create and manage support requests in the Azure portal.

Create a GitHub issue

If you need help with the language and tools used to develop and manage Azure Kubernetes Service, open an issue in its repository on GitHub.

Library GitHub issues URL
Azure PowerShell
Azure CLI
Azure SDK for Java
Azure SDK for Python
Azure SDK for .NET
Azure SDK for JavaScript

Stay informed of updates and new releases

Learn about important product updates, roadmap, and announcements in Azure Updates.

News and information about Azure Virtual Machines is shared at the Azure blog.

Next steps

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