Get support for AKS hybrid

Applies to: AKS on Azure Stack HCI, AKS on Windows Server

If you encounter an issue with AKS hybrid, this article describes how to open a support request.

Go to Help + support in the Azure portal

  1. Log into the Azure portal.

  2. Browse to the subscription you are using for Azure Kubernetes Services on Azure Stack HCI.

  3. Under Azure services section, select the Help + support icon:

    Screenshot of the Azure portal Help and Support icon.

    Or, you can go to Support + troubleshooting from a resource menu in the left-hand pane:

    Screenshot of the Azure portal Help and Support sidebar.

  4. Select the New Support Request option.

  5. Add a short description of your issue in the Summary field, and under Issue type, select Technical:

    Screenshot showing how to add a description of a technical issue on the Basics tab of a support request.

  6. Select the appropriate subscription from the dropdown menu, and then change the Service type to All services. Begin typing Azure Kubernetes Service in the search box to locate the Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI service under Compute:

    Screenshot of the Basics pane for a support request with the AKS on Azure Stack HCI product selected.

  7. Select the appropriate Problem type from the dropdown menu for your issue (for example, Kubernetes), and then select the Next: Solutions button at the bottom left of the screen:

    Screenshot showing how to select the Kubernetes problem type on the Basics tab for a support request.

  8. Review the provided Recommended Article(s) to determine if they address your issue. If not, select the Next: Details button at the bottom left of the screen.

    Screenshot showing Recommended Articles on the Solutions tab for a support request.

  9. If the solutions are not applicable, complete the remainder of the information on the Details page.

    Screenshot showing the Details tab for a support request.

    Then, select Review + create at the bottom of the support request to review and create the request for support:

    Screenshot showing the Support Method summary for a support request. The Review Plus Create button is highlighted.

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