Uninstall the Open Service Mesh (OSM) add-on from your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

This article shows you how to uninstall the OMS add-on and related resources from your AKS cluster.


With the retirement of Open Service Mesh (OSM) by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), we recommend identifying your OSM configurations and migrating them to an equivalent Istio configuration. For information about migrating from OSM to Istio, see Migration guidance for Open Service Mesh (OSM) configurations to Istio.

Disable the OSM add-on from your cluster

  • Disable the OSM add-on from your cluster using the az aks disable-addon command and the --addons parameter.

    az aks disable-addons \
      --resource-group myResourceGroup \
      --name myAKSCluster \
      --addons open-service-mesh

Remove OSM resources

  • Uninstall the remaining resources on the cluster using the osm uninstall cluster-wide-resources command.

    osm uninstall cluster-wide-resources


    For version 1.1, the command is osm uninstall mesh --delete-cluster-wide-resources


    You must remove these additional resources after you disable the OSM add-on. Leaving these resources on your cluster may cause issues if you enable the OSM add-on again in the future.

Next steps

Learn more about Open Service Mesh.