Uninstall the Open Service Mesh (OSM) add-on from your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

This article shows you how to uninstall the OMS add-on and related resources from your AKS cluster.

Disable the OSM add-on from your cluster

  • Disable the OSM add-on from your cluster using the az aks disable-addon command and the --addons parameter.

    az aks disable-addons \
      --resource-group myResourceGroup \
      --name myAKSCluster \
      --addons open-service-mesh

Remove OSM resources

  • Uninstall the remaining resources on the cluster using the osm uninstall cluster-wide-resources command.

    osm uninstall cluster-wide-resources


    For version 1.1, the command is osm uninstall mesh --delete-cluster-wide-resources


    You must remove these additional resources after you disable the OSM add-on. Leaving these resources on your cluster may cause issues if you enable the OSM add-on again in the future.

Next steps

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