Analysis Services resource and object limits

This article describes resource and model object limits.

Tier limits

For Query Processing Units (QPU) and Memory limits for developer, basic, and standard tiers, see the Azure Analysis Services pricing page.

Object limits

These limits are theoretical. Performance will be diminished at lower numbers.

Object Maximum sizes/numbers
Databases in an instance 16,000
Combined number of tables and columns in a database 16,000
Rows in a table Unlimited

Warning: With the restriction that no single column in the table can have more than 1,999,999,997 distinct values.
Hierarchies in a table 15,999
Levels in a hierarchy 15,999
Relationships 8,000
Key Columns in all table 15,999
Measures in tables 2^31-1 = 2,147,483,647
Cells returned by a query 2^31-1 = 2,147,483,647
Record size of the source query 64 K
Length of object names 512 characters