Tutorial: Add a sample model from the portal

In this tutorial, you add a sample Adventure Works tabular model database to your server. The sample model is a completed version of the Adventure Works Internet Sales (1200) sample data model. A sample model is useful for testing model management, connecting with tools and client applications, and querying model data. This tutorial uses the Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to:

  • Add a completed sample tabular data model to a server
  • Connect to the model with SSMS

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.


To complete this tutorial, you need:

Sign in to the Azure portal

Sign in to the portal.

Add a sample model

  1. In server Overview, click New model.

    Screen showing New model button.

  2. In New model > Choose a data source, verify Sample data is selected, and then click Add.

    Screen showing New model dialog.

  3. In Overview, verify the adventureworks sample model is added.

    Screen showing new model on the server.

Clean up resources

Your sample model is using cache memory resources. If you're not using your sample model for testing, you should remove it from your server.

These steps describe how to delete a model from a server by using SSMS.

  1. In SSMS > Object Explorer, click Connect > Analysis Services.

  2. In Connect to Server, paste in the server name, then in Authentication, choose Active Directory - Universal with MFA support, enter your username, and then click Connect.

    Sign in

  3. In Object Explorer, right-click the adventureworks sample database, and then click Delete.

    Delete sample database

Next steps

In this tutorial, you learned how to add a basic, sample model to your server. Now that you have a model database, you can connect to it from SQL Server Management Studio and add user roles. To learn more, continue with the next tutorial.