Azure Analysis Services samples

Use the following sample resources to help you learn about and test Analysis Services for your environment.

Code samples

The Analysis Services repository on GitHub includes open source code samples and community projects.

Tabular model project and database samples

Adventure Works for Analysis Services on GitHub is the most commonly used sample tabular model project. You can download a VS project or a completed sample tabular model database.

Sample database on Azure

Azure Synapse Analytics provides a sample AdventureWorksDW database that can be included in a provisioned resource. To learn more, see Quickstart: Create and query a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics .

Sample databases on GitHub

These sample databases on GitHub can be used for creating and testing your own models.

Adventure Works sample databases

Wide World Importers sample databases

Adventure Works Internet Sales sample model in Azure portal

If you have an Analysis Services server in Azure portal, you can quickly and easily create a sample model. In your server's overview page in Azure portal, click New model, and then in Choose a data source, select Sample data.

Next steps

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