Use gateway for data sources on an Azure Virtual Network (VNet)

This article describes the Azure Analysis Services AlwaysUseGateway server property for use when data sources are on an Azure Virtual Network (VNet).

Server access to VNet data sources

If your data sources are accessed through a VNet, your Azure Analysis Services server must connect to those data sources as if they are on-premises, in your own environment. You must configure the AlwaysUseGateway server property to specify the server resource to access all data sources through an On-premises data gateway.

Azure SQL Managed Instance data sources run within Azure VNet with a private IP address. If public endpoint is enabled on the instance, a gateway is not required. If public endpoint is not enabled, an On-premises data gateway is required and the AlwaysUseGateway property must be set to true.


This property is effective only when an On-premises data gateway is installed and configured. The gateway can be on the VNet.

Configure AlwaysUseGateway property

  1. In SSMS > server > Properties > General, select Show Advanced (All) Properties.

  2. In the ASPaaS\AlwaysUseGateway, select true.

    Always use gateway property

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