Provision a self-hosted gateway in Azure API Management

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Provisioning a gateway resource in your Azure API Management instance is a prerequisite for deploying a self-hosted gateway. This article walks through the steps to provision a gateway resource in API Management.


Complete the following quickstart: Create an Azure API Management instance

Go to your API Management instance

  1. In the Azure portal, search for and select API Management services.

    Select API Management services

  2. On the API Management services page, select your API Management instance.

    Select your API Management instance

Provision a self-hosted gateway

  1. Select the Gateways from under Deployment and infrastructure.
  2. Click + Add.
  3. Enter the Name and Region of the gateway.


Region specifies intended location of the gateway nodes that will be associated with this gateway resource. It's semantically equivalent to a similar property associated with any Azure resource, but can be assigned an arbitrary string value.

  1. Optionally, enter a Description of the gateway resource.
  2. Optionally, select + under APIs to associate one or more APIs with this gateway resource.


By default, none of the existing APIs will be associated with the new gateway resource. Therefore, attempts to invoke them via the new gateway will result in 404 Resource Not Found responses.

  1. Click Add.

Now the gateway resource has been provisioned in your API Management instance. You can proceed to deploy the gateway.

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