Monitoring App Service data reference

This reference applies to the use of Azure Monitor for monitoring App Service. See Monitoring App Service for details on collecting and analyzing monitoring data for App Service.


This section lists all the automatically collected platform metrics collected for App Service.

Metric Type Resource Provider / Type Namespace
and link to individual metrics
App Service Plans Microsoft.Web/serverfarms
Web apps Microsoft.Web/sites
Staging slots Microsoft.Web/sites/slots
App Service Environment Microsoft.Web/hostingEnvironments
App Service Environment Front-end Microsoft.Web/hostingEnvironments/multiRolePools

For more information, see a list of all platform metrics supported in Azure Monitor.

Metric Dimensions

For more information on what metric dimensions are, see Multi-dimensional metrics.

App Service doesn't have any metrics that contain dimensions.

Resource logs

This section lists the types of resource logs you can collect for App Service.

Log type Windows Windows Container Linux Linux Container Description
AppServiceConsoleLogs Java SE & Tomcat Yes Yes Yes Standard output and standard error
AppServiceHTTPLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Web server logs
AppServiceEnvironmentPlatformLogs Yes N/A Yes Yes App Service Environment: scaling, configuration changes, and status logs
AppServiceAuditLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Login activity via FTP and Kudu
AppServiceFileAuditLogs Yes Yes TBA TBA File changes made to the site content; only available for Premium tier and above
AppServiceAppLogs ASP.NET ASP.NET Java SE & Tomcat Images 1 Java SE & Tomcat Blessed Images 1 Application logs
AppServiceIPSecAuditLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Requests from IP Rules
AppServicePlatformLogs TBA Yes Yes Yes Container operation logs
AppServiceAntivirusScanAuditLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Anti-virus scan logs using Microsoft Defender for Cloud; only available for Premium tier

1 For Java SE apps, add "$WEBSITE_AZMON_PREVIEW_ENABLED" to the app settings and set it to 1 or to true.

For reference, see a list of all resource logs category types supported in Azure Monitor.

Azure Monitor Logs tables

Azure App Service uses Kusto tables from Azure Monitor Logs. You can query these tables with Log analytics. For a list of App Service tables used by Kusto, see the Azure Monitor Logs table reference - App Service tables.

Activity log

The following table lists common operations related to App Service that may be created in the Activity log. This is not an exhaustive list.

Operation Description
Create or Update Web App App was created or updated
Delete Web App App was deleted
Create Web App Backup Backup of app
Get Web App Publishing Profile Download of publishing profile
Publish Web App App deployed
Restart Web App App restarted
Start Web App App started
Stop Web App App stopped
Swap Web App Slots Slots were swapped
Get Web App Slots Differences Slot differences
Apply Web App Configuration Applied configuration changes
Reset Web App Configuration Configuration changes reset
Approve Private Endpoint Connections Approved private endpoint connections
Network Trace Web Apps Started network trace
Newpassword Web Apps New password created
Get Zipped Container Logs for Web App Get container logs
Restore Web App From Backup Blob App restored from backup

For more information on the schema of Activity Log entries, see Activity Log schema.

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