Serverless apps using Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Functions

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You can use Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB to build globally distributed, scalable serverless applications.


Architecture diagram that shows the functions that are triggered by an online order and a database change feed.

Download a Visio file of this architecture.


  • A customer places an order in an e-commerce website.

  • The order triggers an instance of Functions. The function processes the customer's checkout and stores information about the order in Azure Cosmos DB.

  • The database insert operation triggers an Azure Cosmos DB change feed event.

  • Systems that subscribe to change feed events are notified.

  • The change feed notifications trigger Functions:

    • A function applies taxes to the order.
    • A function processes payment for the order.
    • A function fulfills the order.


  • Functions is an event-driven serverless compute platform. With Functions, you can use triggers and bindings to integrate services at scale.
  • Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database. With Azure Cosmos DB, your solutions can elastically scale throughput and storage across any number of geographic regions.

Scenario details

Microservices offer many benefits:

  • They provide highly scalable solutions.
  • You can deploy each service independently.
  • Fault isolation is straightforward when you confine functionality to separate containers.
  • They fit well in a DevOps environment.
  • They decrease time to market by speeding up the software development lifecycle.

An efficient way to implement microservices is to use a serverless technology. This solution uses Functions, an Azure offering that provides a serverless compute experience. The solution uses Azure Cosmos DB for data storage. Azure Cosmos DB offers a change feed that integrates with Functions.

Potential use cases

This solution applies to many areas:

  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Inventory management

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