Field and cloud edge gateways

IoT Edge

IoT devices can connect to the IoT platform directly, or through IoT Edge gateways that implement intelligent capabilities. Edge gateways enable functionality like:


There are two types of edge gateways, field or IoT Edge, and cloud or protocol gateways.

A diagram illustrating the flow of events, commands, and protocols as they are routed through a field or cloud edge gateway to the Azure IoT Platform.


  • IoT Edge field gateways are located close to devices on-premises, and connect to the IoT platform to extend cloud capabilities into devices. IoT Edge devices can act as communication enablers, local device control systems, and data processors for the IoT platform. IoT Edge devices can run cloud workflows on-premises by using Edge modules, and can communicate with devices even in offline scenarios.

  • Protocol or cloud gateways enable connecting existing and diverse device populations to IoT solutions by hosting device instances and enabling communication between devices and the IoT platform. Cloud gateways can do protocol and identity translation to and from the IoT platform, and can execute additional logic on behalf of devices.

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