Networking architecture design

This article provides information about sample architectures, solutions, and guides that can help you explore networking in Azure.

Designing and implementing Azure networking capabilities is a critical part of your cloud solution. You'll need to make networking design decisions to properly support your workloads and services.

Azure provides a wide range of networking tools and capabilities. These are just some of the key networking services available in Azure:

For information about more Azure networking services, see Azure networking.

Introduction to networking on Azure

If you're new to networking on Azure, the best way to learn more is with Microsoft Learn training, a free online training platform. Microsoft Learn provides interactive training for Microsoft products and more.

Here's a good introduction to Azure networking:

And here's a comprehensive learning path:

Path to production

Consider these technologies and solutions as you plan and implement your deployment:

Best practices

The Azure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets, based on five pillars, that you can use to improve the quality of your architectures. These articles apply the pillars to the use of some Azure networking services:

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that are designed to accelerate your cloud adoption. You might find these articles helpful as you plan and implement your networking solution:

Networking architectures

The following sections, organized by category, provide links to sample networking architectures.

High availability

Hybrid networking

Hub-and-spoke topology

Virtual WAN

Multi-region networking

Stay current with networking

Get the latest updates on Azure networking products and features.

Additional resources

Example solutions

These are some additional sample networking architectures:

AWS or Google Cloud professionals

These articles provide service mapping and comparison between Azure and other cloud services. They can help you ramp up quickly on Azure.