Solutions for the sports industry

From tracking and analyzing action on the court, to providing real-time streaming of events, to making tickets automatically appear on fans' phones as they approach the stadium gate, the sports industry has long been a leading user of high-tech solutions like Azure.

Watch this video to find out about how the NBA uses SAP together with Azure to facilitate its cloud evolution:

This short video features Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, who relies on NBA CourtOptix, powered by Azure, to generate metrics about his playing.

Architectures for the sports industry

The following articles provide detailed analysis of architectures created and recommended for the sports industry.

Guide Summary Technology focus
Build a sports analytics architecture on Azure Build an architecture that uses Azure services to process and maintain data that's used by sports analytics solutions. Analytics
Create smart places by using Azure Digital Twins Use Azure Digital Twins to create models of smart places, like stadiums, from IoT device data. View and control products, systems, environments, and experiences. IoT
Intelligent e-commerce product search engine Use a dedicated search service to dramatically increase the relevance of search results for your e-commerce customers. Promote recent information in search results, which is useful in the sports industry. Web

Solution ideas for the sports industry

Following are other ideas that you can use as a starting point for your sports industry solution.