SAP on Azure architecture center


The SAP on Azure architecture center provides architectural guidance for SAP workloads running on Azure. The architectural content provides implementation, configuration, and deployment instructions for SAP platforms, workloads, and applications. The guidance applies the principles of the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the Well-Architected Framework (WAF) to specific SAP use cases. It assumes a familiarity with these principles. We also have guidance specific to SAP that covers the entire cloud adoption journey from migration to workload operations.

SAP cloud adoption guidance

We recommend using the SAP cloud adoption guidance as you start your cloud adoption journey with SAP. The content outlines processes for preparing, migrating, and modernizing. It outlines integrating an SAP platform into your cloud adoption efforts.

SAP workload best practices

The SAP workload guidance designed to be applied to a single SAP workload. This content gives architecture design recommendations that you should follow throughout the lifecycle of an SAP workload. It encourages the use of assessments and health checks to inform your design decisions and continuously align them to best practices.

SAP architecture guidance

The Azure architecture center has guides, architectures, and solution ideas that provide several use cases that you can use as reference as you build your SAP workload.

Architectures give detailed best practices on how to design SAP platforms, workloads, and applications in Azure.

The guides provide general checklists, configurations, and design guidance. Use these guides to make design decisions for forming the best approach for your SAP solution.

Solution ideas are conceptual. They're meant to inspire new ideas and novel approaches to architecture. The goal is to help you extend your SAP solutions to derive more benefits.


Integrating SAP RISE environment with Azure resources. Under RISE with SAP solution, the SAP workload is managed by SAP in the partner's own Azure subscription and tenant. Guides to enable use of customer managed Azure services to extend the SAP environment.