Archive on-premises data to the cloud

Azure Blob Storage
Azure StorSimple
Azure Virtual Machines

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This architecture shows you how to archive your on-premises data to Azure Blob storage.


Architecture diagram that demonstrates how to archive on-premises data. Download an SVG of this architecture.


  • Azure StorSimple appliance running on-premises that can tier data to Azure Blob storage (both hot and cool tier). StorSimple can be used to archive data from on-premises to Azure.
  • Blob Storage: A cool or archive tier on Azure Blob storage is used to back up data that's less frequently accessed, while a hot tier is used to store data that's frequently accessed.


For new solutions, you might also consider using Azure File Sync. File Sync is a service that allows you to cache several Azure file shares on an on-premises Windows Server or cloud virtual machine (VM).

Scenario details

This solution is built on the Azure managed services: StorSimple and Blob Storage. These services run in a high-availability environment, patched and supported, allowing you to focus on your solution instead of the environment they run in.

Potential use cases

Organizations can leverage Azure Blob storage to:

  • Store structured and unstructured logs, images, videos, and other file types.
  • Create cost effective solutions for petabytes of data.

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