Hybrid identity

Azure Active Directory
Azure Stack Hub
Virtual Machines

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The need to keep application components on-premises doesn't have to be a barrier to adopting cloud technologies. With Azure Stack Hub, app components can reside on-premises while interacting with components running in Azure public cloud.

Potential use cases

This solution enables teams to manage identity for users and applications in a way that is consistent across clouds.


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  1. Set up an Azure Active Directory tenant.
  2. Create users.
  3. Deploy, manage, and operate application resources on Azure and Azure Stack Hub.
  4. Create service principles.
  5. Deploy with service principles.
  6. Application resources can communicate over network.


  • Azure Stack Hub is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you use Azure services on-premises.
  • Virtual Machines: Provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in seconds.
  • Learn how to synchronize directories and enable single sign-on with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

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