Onboard an Azure Arc-enabled server to Automanage with an Azure Resource Manager template (ARM template)

Follow the steps to onboard an Azure Arc-enabled server to Automanage Best Practices using an ARM template.


ARM template overview

The following ARM template will onboard your specified Azure Arc-enabled server onto Azure Automanage Best Practices. Details on the ARM template and steps on how to deploy are located in the ARM template deployment section.

    "$schema": "https://schema.management.azure.com/schemas/2019-04-01/deploymentTemplate.json#",
    "contentVersion": "",
    "parameters": {
        "machineName": {
            "type": "String"
        "configurationProfile": {
            "type": "String"
    "resources": [
            "type": "Microsoft.HybridCompute/machines/providers/configurationProfileAssignments",
            "apiVersion": "2022-05-04",
            "name": "[concat(parameters('machineName'), '/Microsoft.Automanage/default')]",
            "properties": {
                "configurationProfile": "[parameters('configurationProfile')]"

ARM template deployment

This ARM template will create a configuration profile assignment for your specified Azure Arc-enabled machine.

The configurationProfile value can be one of the following values:

  • "/providers/Microsoft.Automanage/bestPractices/AzureBestPracticesProduction"
  • "/providers/Microsoft.Automanage/bestPractices/AzureBestPracticesDevTest"
  • "/subscriptions/[sub ID]/resourceGroups/resourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.Automanage/configurationProfiles/customProfileName (for custom profiles)

Follow these steps to deploy the ARM template:

  1. Save this ARM template as azuredeploy.json.
  2. Run this ARM template deployment with az deployment group create --resource-group myResourceGroup --template-file azuredeploy.json.
  3. Provide the values for machineName, and configurationProfileAssignment when prompted.
  4. You're ready to deploy.

As with any ARM template, it's possible to factor out the parameters into a separate azuredeploy.parameters.json file and use that as an argument when deploying.

Next steps

Learn more about Automanage for Azure Arc.