Supported regions for linked Log Analytics workspace


Start/Stop VMs v1 is retired and we recommend you to start using Start/Stop VMs v2 which is now generally available. The new version offers all existing capabilities and provides new features, such as multi-subscription support from a single Start/Stop instance.

In Azure Automation, you can enable the Update Management, Change Tracking and Inventory, and Start/Stop VMs during off-hours features for your servers and virtual machines. These features have a dependency on a Log Analytics workspace, and therefore require linking the workspace with an Automation account. However, only certain regions are supported to link them together. In general, the mapping is not applicable if you plan to link an Automation account to a workspace that won't have these features enabled.

The mappings discussed here applying only to linking the Log Analytics Workspace to an Automation account. They don't apply to the virtual machines (VMs) that are connected to the workspace that's linked to the Automation Account. VMs aren't limited to the regions supported by a given Log Analytics workspace. They can be in any region. Keep in mind that having the VMs in a different region may affect state, local, and country/regional regulatory requirements, or your company's compliance requirements. Having VMs in a different region could also introduce data bandwidth charges.

Before connecting VMs to a workspace in a different region, you should review the requirements and potential costs to confirm and understand the legal and cost implications.

This article provides the supported mappings in order to successfully enable and use these features in your Automation account.

For more information, see Log Analytics workspace and Automation account.

Supported mappings for Log Analytics and Azure Automation


As shown in following table, only one mapping can exist between Log Analytics and Azure Automation.

The following table shows the supported mappings:

Log Analytics workspace region Azure Automation region
Asia Pacific
EastAsia EastAsia
SoutheastAsia SoutheastAsia
AustraliaEast AustraliaEast
AustraliaSoutheast AustraliaSoutheast
BrazilSouth BrazilSouth
CanadaCentral CanadaCentral
ChinaEast23 ChinaEast2
NorthEurope NorthEurope
WestEurope WestEurope
FranceCentral FranceCentral
CentralIndia CentralIndia
JapanEast JapanEast
KoreaCentral KoreaCentral
NorwayEast NorwayEast
QatarCentral QatarCentral
SwitzerlandNorth SwitzerlandNorth
United Arab Emirates
UAENorth UAENorth
United Kingdom
UK South UK South
US Gov
USGovArizona3 USGovArizona
USGovVirginia USGovVirginia
EastUS1 EastUS2
EastUS22 EastUS
CentralUS CentralUS
NorthCentralUS NorthCentralUS
SouthCentralUS SouthCentralUS
WestUS WestUS
WestUS2 WestUS2
WestUS3 WestUS3
WestCentralUS WestCentralUS

1 EastUS mapping for Log Analytics workspaces to Automation accounts isn't an exact region-to-region mapping, but is the correct mapping.

2 EastUS2 mapping for Log Analytics workspaces to Automation accounts isn't an exact region-to-region mapping, but is the correct mapping.

3 In this region, only Update Management is supported, and other features like Change Tracking and Inventory aren't available at this time.

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