Test the Azure App Configuration REST API using Postman

To test the REST API using Postman, you'll need to include the HTTP headers required for authentication in your requests. Here's how to configure Postman for testing the REST API, generating the authentication headers automatically:

  1. Create a new request

  2. Add the signRequest function from the JavaScript authentication sample to the pre-request script for the request

  3. Add the following code to the end of the pre-request script. Update the access key as indicated by the TODO comment

    // TODO: Replace the following placeholders with your access key
    var credential = "<Credential>"; // Id
    var secret = "<Secret>"; // Value
    var isBodyEmpty = pm.request.body === null || pm.request.body === undefined || pm.request.body.isEmpty();
    var headers = signRequest(
        isBodyEmpty ? undefined : pm.request.body.toString(),
    // Add headers to the request
    headers.forEach(header => {
        pm.request.headers.upsert({key: header.name, value: header.value});
  4. Send the request