Features and Capabilities of SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc

SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc share a common code base with the latest stable version of SQL Server. Most of the standard SQL language, query processing, and database management features are identical. The features that are common between SQL Server and SQL Database or SQL Managed Instance are:

RDBMS High Availability

Feature SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Always On failover cluster instance1 Not Applicable. Similar capabilities available.
Always On availability groups2 Business Critical service tier.
Basic availability groups 2 Not Applicable. Similar capabilities available.
Minimum replica commit availability group 2 Business Critical service tier.
Clusterless availability group Yes
Backup database Yes - COPY_ONLY See BACKUP - (Transact-SQL)
Backup compression Yes
Backup mirror Yes
Backup encryption Yes
Back up to Azure to (back up to URL) Yes
Database snapshot Yes
Fast recovery Yes
Hot add memory and CPU Yes
Log shipping Not currently available.
Online page and file restore Yes
Online indexing Yes
Online schema change Yes
Resumable online index rebuilds Yes

1 In the scenario where there is a pod failure, a new SQL Managed Instance will start up and re-attach to the persistent volume containing your data. Learn more about Kubernetes persistent volumes here.

RDBMS Scalability and Performance

Feature SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Columnstore Yes
Large object binaries in clustered columnstore indexes Yes
Online nonclustered columnstore index rebuild Yes
In-Memory OLTP Yes
Persistent Main Memory Yes
Table and index partitioning Yes
Data compression Yes
Resource Governor Yes
Partitioned Table Parallelism Yes
NUMA Aware and Large Page Memory and Buffer Array Allocation Yes
IO Resource Governance Yes
Delayed Durability Yes
Automatic Tuning Yes
Batch Mode Adaptive Joins Yes
Batch Mode Memory Grant Feedback Yes
Interleaved Execution for Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions Yes
Bulk insert improvements Yes

RDBMS Security

Feature SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Row-level security Yes
Always Encrypted Yes
Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves No
Dynamic data masking Yes
Basic auditing Yes
Fine grained auditing Yes
Transparent database encryption Yes
User-defined roles Yes
Contained databases Yes
Encryption for backups Yes
SQL Server Authentication Yes
Microsoft Entra authentication No
Windows Authentication Yes

RDBMS Manageability

Feature SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Dedicated administrator connection Yes
PowerShell scripting support Yes
Support for data-tier application component operations - extract, deploy, upgrade, delete Yes
Policy automation (check on schedule and change) Yes
Performance data collector Yes
Standard performance reports Yes
Plan guides and plan freezing for plan guides Yes
Direct query of indexed views (using NOEXPAND hint) Yes
Automatically maintain indexed views Yes
Distributed partitioned views Yes
Parallel indexed operations Yes
Automatic use of indexed view by query optimizer Yes
Parallel consistency check Yes


Feature SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Query Store Yes
Temporal Yes
Native XML support Yes
XML indexing Yes
MERGE & UPSERT capabilities Yes
Date and Time datatypes Yes
Internationalization support Yes
Full-text and semantic search No
Specification of language in query Yes
Service Broker (messaging) Yes
Transact-SQL endpoints Yes
Graph Yes
Machine Learning Services No
PolyBase No


SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc supports various data tools that can help you manage your data.

Tool SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc
Azure portal Yes
Azure CLI Yes
Azure Data Studio Yes
Azure PowerShell No
BACPAC file (export) Yes
BACPAC file (import) Yes
SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Yes
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Yes
SQL Server PowerShell Yes
SQL Server Profiler Yes

At this time, use the insiders build of Azure Data Studio.

Unsupported Features & Services

The following features and services are not available for SQL Managed Instance enabled by Azure Arc.

Area Unsupported feature or service
Database engine Merge replication
  Stretch DB
  Distributed query with 3rd-party connections
  Linked Servers to data sources other than SQL Server and Azure SQL products
  System extended stored procedures (XP_CMDSHELL, etc.)
  CLR assemblies with the EXTERNAL_ACCESS or UNSAFE permission set
  Buffer Pool Extension
SQL Server Agent SQL Server agent is supported but the following specific capabilities are not supported: Subsystems (CmdExec, PowerShell, Queue Reader, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), Alerts, Managed Backup
High Availability Database mirroring
Security Extensible Key Management
  AD Authentication for Linked Servers
  AD Authentication for Availability Groups (AGs)