Supported versions of PostgreSQL with Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server

The list of supported versions evolves over time as we progress on ensuring parity with PostgreSQL managed services in Azure PaaS. Today, the major version that is supported is PostgreSQL 14.


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How to choose between versions?

It's recommended you look at what versions your applications have been designed for and what are the capabilities of each of the versions. To learn more, read about each version on the official PostgreSQL site:

How to create a particular version in Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server?

Currently only PostgreSQL version 14 is supported.

There's only one PostgreSQL Custom Resource Definition (CRD) in your Kubernetes cluster no matter what versions we support. For example, run the following command:

kubectl get crds

It returns an output like:

NAME                                                             CREATED AT                                   2021-10-12T23:53:40Z                            2021-10-13T01:00:27Z                          2021-10-12T23:53:39Z
healthstates.azmon.container.insights                            2021-10-12T19:04:44Z                                   2021-10-13T01:00:26Z                                2021-10-12T23:53:37Z   2021-10-12T23:53:38Z                    2021-10-12T23:53:37Z

In this example, this output indicates there is one CRD related to PostgreSQL:, shortname postgresqls. The CRD isn't a PostgreSQL server. The presence of a CRD isn't an indication that you have - or not - created a server. The CRD is an indication of what kind of resources can be created in the Kubernetes cluster.

How can I be notified when other versions are available?

Come back and read this article. It's updated as appropriate.