What is Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes?

Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes allows you to attach Kubernetes clusters running anywhere so that you can manage and configure them in Azure.

Once your Kubernetes clusters are connected to Azure, at scale you can:

Azure Arc connection

When the Azure Arc agents are deployed to the cluster, an outbound connection to Azure is initiated, using industry-standard SSL to secure data in transit.

Once connected to Azure, the cluster will be represented as its own resource in Azure Resource Manager and can be organized using resource groups and tagging.

Supported Kubernetes distributions

Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes works with any Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes clusters. This includes clusters running on other public cloud providers (such as GCP or AWS) and clusters running on your on-premises data center (such as VMware vSphere or Azure Stack HCI). The Azure Arc team has worked with key industry partners to validate conformance of their Kubernetes distributions with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.


This service supports Azure Lighthouse, which lets service providers sign in to their own tenant to manage subscriptions and resource groups that customers have delegated.

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