azcmagent logs

Collects log files for the Azure connected machine agent and extensions into a ZIP archive.


azcmagent logs [flags]


Collect the most recent log files and store them in a ZIP archive in the current directory.

azcmagent logs

Collect all log files and store them in a specific location.

azcmagent logs --full --output "/tmp/"


-f, --full

Collect all log files on the system instead of just the most recent. Useful when troubleshooting older problems.

-o, --output

Specifies the path and name for the ZIP file. If this flag isn't specified, the ZIP is saved to the console's current directory with the name ""

Sample value:

Common flags available for all commands


Takes in a path to a JSON or YAML file containing inputs to the command. The configuration file should contain a series of key-value pairs where the key matches an available command line option. For example, to pass in the --verbose flag, the configuration file would look like:

    "verbose": true

If a command line option is found in both the command invocation and a configuration file, the value specified on the command line will take precedence.

-h, --help

Get help for the current command, including its syntax and command line options.

-j, --json

Output the command result in the JSON format.


Redirect error and verbose messages to the standard error (stderr) stream. By default, all output is sent to the standard output (stdout) stream.


Disable color output for terminals that do not support ANSI colors.

-v, --verbose

Show more detailed logging information while the command executes. Useful for troubleshooting issues when running a command.