Quickstart: Connect hybrid machines with Azure Arc-enabled servers

Get started with Azure Arc-enabled servers to manage and govern your Windows and Linux machines hosted across on-premises, edge, and multicloud environments.

In this quickstart, you'll deploy and configure the Azure Connected Machine agent on a Windows or Linux machine hosted outside of Azure, so that it can be managed through Azure Arc-enabled servers.


If you prefer to try out things in a sample/practice experience, get started quickly with Azure Arc Jumpstart.


  • An Azure account with an active subscription. Create an account for free.
  • Deploying the Connected Machine agent on a machine requires that you have administrator permissions to install and configure the agent. On Linux this is done by using the root account, and on Windows, with an account that is a member of the Local Administrators group.
  • The Microsoft.HybridCompute, Microsoft.GuestConfiguration, Microsoft.HybridConnectivity, and Microsoft.AzureArcData resource providers must be registered on your subscription. Please register these resource providers ahead of time.
  • Before you get started, be sure to review the agent prerequisites and verify the following:

Generate installation script

Use the Azure portal to create a script that automates the agent download and installation and establishes the connection with Azure Arc.

  1. Go to the Azure portal page for adding servers with Azure Arc. Select the Add a single server tile, then select Generate script.

    Screenshot of Azure portal's add server page.


    In the portal, you can also reach this page by searching for and selecting "Servers - Azure Arc" and then selecting +Add.

  2. On the Basics page, provide the following:

    1. Select the subscription and resource group where you want the machine to be managed within Azure.
    2. For Region, choose the Azure region in which the server's metadata will be stored.
    3. For Operating system, select the operating system of the server you want to connect.
    4. For Connectivity method, choose how the Azure Connected Machine agent should connect to the internet. If you select Proxy server, enter the proxy server IP address or the name and port number that the machine will use in the format http://<proxyURL>:<proxyport>.
    5. Select Next.
  3. On the Tags page, review the default Physical location tags suggested and enter a value, or specify one or more Custom tags to support your standards. Then select Next.

  4. In the Download or copy the following script section, review the script. If you want to make any changes, use the Previous button to go back and update your selections. Otherwise, select Download to save the script file.

Install the agent using the script

Now that you've generated the script, the next step is to run it on the server that you want to onboard to Azure Arc. The script will download the Connected Machine agent from the Microsoft Download Center, install the agent on the server, create the Azure Arc-enabled server resource, and associate it with the agent.

Follow the steps below for the operating system of your server.

Windows agent

  1. Log in to the server.

  2. Open an elevated 64-bit PowerShell command prompt.

  3. Change to the folder or share that you copied the script to, then execute it on the server by running the ./OnboardingScript.ps1 script.

Linux agent

  1. To install the Linux agent on the target machine that can directly communicate to Azure, run the following command:

    bash ~/Install_linux_azcmagent.sh
  2. Alternately, if the target machine communicates through a proxy server, run the following command:

    bash ~/Install_linux_azcmagent.sh --proxy "{proxy-url}:{proxy-port}"

Verify the connection with Azure Arc

After you install the agent and configure it to connect to Azure Arc-enabled servers, go to the Azure portal to verify that the server has successfully connected. View your machine in the Azure portal.

A successful machine connection


You can repeat these steps as needed to onboard additional machines. We also provide a variety of other options for deploying the agent, including several methods designed to onboard machines at scale. For more information, see Azure Connected Machine agent deployment options.

Next steps

Now that you've enabled your Linux or Windows hybrid machine and successfully connected to the service, you are ready to enable Azure Policy to understand compliance in Azure.

To learn how to identify Azure Arc-enabled servers enabled machine that doesn't have the Log Analytics agent installed, continue to the tutorial: