Recover from accidental deletion of resource bridge virtual machine

In this article, you learn how to recover the Azure Arc resource bridge connection into a working state in disaster scenarios such as accidental deletion. In such cases, the connection between on-premises infrastructure and Azure is lost and any operations performed through Arc will fail.

Recover the Arc resource bridge in case of virtual machine deletion

To recover from Arc resource bridge VM deletion, you need to deploy a new resource bridge with the same resource ID as the current resource bridge using the following steps.


This note is applicable only if you're performing this recovery operation to upgrade your Arc resource bridge.

If you have VMs that are still in the older version, i.e., have Enabled (Deprecated) set under the Virtual hardware operations column in the Virtual Machines inventory of your SCVMM server in Azure, switch them to the new version by following the steps in this article before proceeding with the steps for resource bridge recovery.


DHCP-based Arc Resource Bridge deployment is no longer supported.

If you had deployed Arc Resource Bridge earlier using DHCP, you must clean up your deployment by removing your resources from Azure and do a fresh onboarding.

Recover Arc resource bridge from a Windows machine

  1. Copy the Azure region and resource IDs of the Arc resource bridge, custom location, and SCVMM management server Azure resources.

  2. Download this script and update the following section in the script using the same information as the original resources in Azure.

    $location = <Azure region of the original Arc resource bridge>
    $applianceSubscriptionId = <subscription-id>
    $applianceResourceGroupName = <resource-group-name>
    $applianceName = <resource-bridge-name>
    $customLocationSubscriptionId = <subscription-id>
    $customLocationResourceGroupName = <resource-group-name>
    $customLocationName = <custom-location-name>
    $vmmserverSubscriptionId = <subscription-id>
    $vmmserverResourceGroupName = <resource-group-name>
    $vmmserverName= <SCVMM-name-in-azure>
  3. Run the updated script from the same location where the config YAML files are stored after the initial onboarding. This is most likely the same folder from where you ran the initial onboarding script unless the config files were moved later to a different location. Provide the inputs as prompted.

  4. Once the script is run successfully, the old Resource Bridge is recovered, and the connection is re-established to the existing Azure-enabled SCVMM resources.

Next steps

Troubleshoot Azure Arc resource bridge issues

If the recovery steps mentioned above are unsuccessful in restoring Arc resource bridge to its original state, try one of the following channels for support: