Delete Fluid containers in Azure Fluid Relay

In this scenario, we will be deleting an existing Fluid container. Once a container is deleted, applications referencing the container will no longer be able to access the container or its data.

Requirements to delete a Fluid container

  • To get started, you need to install Azure CLI. If you already have Azure CLI installed, please ensure your version is 2.0.67 or greater by running az version.
  • In order to delete a Fluid container, you must ensure that your application and its clients have been disconnected from the container for more than 10 minutes.

List the containers within a Fluid Relay resource

To see all of the containers belonging to your Fluid Relay resource, you can run the following command:

az rest --method get --uri<subscriptionId>/resourcegroups/<resourceGroupName>/providers/Microsoft.FluidRelay/FluidRelayServers/<frsResourceName>/FluidRelayContainers?api-version=<apiVersion>

subscriptionId: ID of Azure subscription your Fluid Relay resource belongs to.

resourceGroupName: Name of the resource group your Fluid Relay resource is in.

frsResourceName: Name of your Fluid Relay resource. Note that this is different from the tenantId of the Fluid Relay resource.

apiVersion: API Version of resource provider. Minimum supported version is 2022-06-01.

Sample output

The output will contain a list of containers belonging to your Fluid Relay resource and their properties.

  "value": [
      "id": "/subscriptions/<subscriptionId>/resourceGroups/<resourceGroupname>/providers/Microsoft.FluidRelay/fluidRelayServers/<frsResourcename>/fluidRelayContainers/<containerId>",
      "name": "<containerId>",
      "properties": {
        "frsContainerId": "<containerId>",
        "frsTenantId": "<frsResourceTenantId>"
      "resourceGroup": "<resourceGroupname>",
      "type": "Microsoft.FluidRelay/fluidRelayServers/fluidRelayContainers"

Delete an existing container

To delete a container, you need to identify the containerId of the container from the output above and run the follow command:

az rest --method delete --uri<subscriptionId>/resourcegroups/<resourceGroupName>/providers/Microsoft.FluidRelay/FluidRelayServers/<frsResourceName>/FluidRelayContainers/<frsContainerId>?api-version=<api-version>

frsContainerId: ID of Fluid container to be deleted.