Help and support options for Azure Fluid Relay

If you have an issue or question involving Azure Fluid Relay, the following options are available:


For ongoing service issues that are time sensitive, creating an Azure support request is the preferred option.

Create an Azure support request

If you are running into an ongoing service issue that is impacting your end users, creating a support request is the best way to obtain live-site support. Depending on the degree of impact, setting the right severity level for the support case will get you to the technical support needed. With Azure, there are many support options and plans available, which you can explore and review. You can create a support ticket in the Azure portal.

Check out frequently asked questions

You can see if your question is already answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Post a question to Microsoft Q&A

For quick and reliable answers to product or technical questions you might have about Azure Fluid Relay from Microsoft Engineers, Azure Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), or our community, engage with us on Microsoft Q&A.

If you can't find an answer to your problem by searching you can, submit a new question to Microsoft Q&A. When creating a question, make sure to use the Azure Fluid Relay tag.

Post a question on Stack Overflow

You can also try asking your question on Stack Overflow, which has a large community developer community and ecosystem. Azure Fluid Relay has a dedicated tag there too.

Fluid Framework

For questions about the Fluid Framework, you can file issues on GitHub. The Fluid Framework site is another good source of information about the framework.