What is Project Health Insights (Preview)?

Project Health Insights is a Cognitive Service providing an API that serves insight models, which perform analysis and provide inferences to be used by a human. The models can receive input in different modalities, and return insight inferences including evidence as a result, for key high value scenarios in the health domain


Project Health Insights is a capability provided “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS.” Project Health Insights isn't intended or made available for use as a medical device, clinical support, diagnostic tool, or other technology intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or other conditions, and no license or right is granted by Microsoft to use this capability for such purposes. This capability isn't designed or intended to be implemented or deployed as a substitute for professional medical advice or healthcare opinion, diagnosis, treatment, or the clinical judgment of a healthcare professional, and should not be used as such. The customer is solely responsible for any use of Project Health Insights.

Why use Project Health Insights?

Health and Life Sciences organizations have multiple high-value business problems that require clinical insights inferences that are based on clinical data. Project Health Insights is a Cognitive Service that provides prebuilt models that assist with solving those business problems.

Available models

There are currently two models available in Project Health Insights:

The Trial Matcher model receives patients' data and clinical trials protocols, and provides relevant clinical trials based on eligibility criteria.

The Onco Phenotype receives clinical records of oncology patients and outputs cancer staging, such as clinical stage TNM categories and pathologic stage TNM categories as well as tumor site and histology.


Diagram that shows Project Health Insights architecture.

Project Health Insights service receives patient data through multiple input channels. This can be unstructured healthcare data, FHIR resources or specific JSON format data. This in combination with the correct model configuration, such as includeEvidence. With these input channels and configuration, the service can run the data through several health insights AI models, such as Trial Matcher or Onco Phenotype.

Next steps

Review the following information to learn how to deploy Project Health Insights and to learn additional information about each of the models: