Manage your Azure Maps account

You can manage your Azure Maps account through the Azure portal. After you have an account, you can implement the APIs in your website or mobile application.


  • If you don't already have an Azure account, sign up for a free account before you continue.
  • For picking account location and you're unfamiliar with managed identities for Azure resources, check out the overview section.

Account location

Picking a location for your Azure Maps account that aligns with other resources in your subscription, like managed identities, may help to improve the level of service for control-plane operations.

As an example, the managed identity infrastructure will communicate and notify the Azure Maps management services for changes to the identity resource such as credential renewal or deletion. Sharing the same Azure location enables a consistent infrastructure provisioning for all resources.

Any Azure Maps REST API on endpoint, *, or other endpoints belonging to the Azure data-plane are not affected by the choice of the Azure Maps account location.

Read more about data-plane service coverage for Azure Maps services on geographic coverage.

Create a new account

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select Create a resource in the upper-left corner of the Azure portal.

  3. Search for and select Maps. Then select Create.

  4. Enter the information for your new account.

A screenshot of the Create an Azure Maps Account resource page in the Azure portal.

Delete an account

You can delete an account from the Azure portal. Navigate to the account overview page and select Delete.

Delete your Azure Maps account in the Azure portal

You then see a confirmation page. You can confirm the deletion of your account by typing its name.

Next steps

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