Provide data feedback to Azure Maps

Azure Maps has been available since May 2018. Azure Maps has been providing fresh map data, easy-to-use REST APIs, and powerful SDKs to support our enterprise customers with different kind of business use cases. The real world is changing every second, and it’s crucial for us to provide a factual digital representation to our customers. Our customers that are planning to open or close facilities need our maps to update promptly. So, they can efficiently plan for delivery, maintenance, or customer service at the right facilities. We have created the Azure Maps data feedback site to empower our customers to provide direct data feedback. Customers’ data feedback goes directly to our data providers and their map editors. They can quickly evaluate and incorporate feedback into our mapping products.

Azure Maps Data feedback site provides an easy way for our customers to provide map data feedback, especially on business points of interest and residential addresses. This article guides you on how to provide different kinds of feedback using the Azure Maps feedback site.

Add a business place or a residential address

You may want to provide feedback about a missing point of interest or a residential address. There are two ways to do so. Open the Azure Map data feedback site, search for the missing location's coordinates, and then click "Add a place"

search missing location

Or, you can interact with the map. Click on the location to drop a pin at the coordinate and click "Add a place".

add pin

Upon clicking, you'll be directed to a form to provide the corresponding details for the place.

add a place

Fix a business place or a residential address

The feedback site also allows you to search and locate a business place or an address. You can provide feedback to fix the address or the pin location, if they aren't correct. To provide feedback to fix the address, use the search bar to search for a business place or residential address. Click on the location of your interest from the results list. Click on "Fix this place".

search place to fix

To provide feedback to fix the address, fill out the "Fix a place" form, and then click on the "submit" button.

fix form

If the pin location for the place is wrong, check the checkbox on the "Fix a place" form that says "The pin location is incorrect". Move the pin to the correct location, and then click the "submit" button.

move pin location

Add a comment

In addition to letting you search for a location, the feedback tool also lets you add a free form text comment for details related to the location. To add a comment, search for the location or click on the location. Click "Add a comment", write a comment, and then click "Submit".

add comment

Track status

You can also track the status of your request by checking the "I want to track status" box and providing your email while making a request. You will receive a tracking link in the email that provides an up-to-date status of your request.

feedback status

Next steps

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