Azure Maps supported categories

When doing a category search for points of interest, there are over a hundred supported categories. The following list contains the category codes for supported category names. Category codes are generated for top-level categories. All sub categories share same category code. This category list is subject to change with new data releases.

Category code Categories matching code
ACCESS_GATEWAY airline access, security gate, station access, access gateway
ADMINISTRATIVE_DIVISION province, fourth-order administrative division, first-order administrative division, historical third-order administrative division, seat of a fourth-order administrative division, seat of a second-order administrative division, dependent political entity, populated place, seat of a third-order administrative division, populated places, second-order administrative division, seat of a first-order administrative division, administrative division, populated locality, historical region, historical site, historical populated place, Israeli settlement, historical fourth-order administrative division, fifth-order administrative division, historical first-order administrative division, third-order administrative division, historical political entity, historical administrative division, seat of government of a political entity, historical second-order administrative division, capital/major city of a political entity
ADVENTURE_SPORTS_VENUE adventure sports venue
AGRICULTURE horticulture, primary producer, agriculture, farm, farm village, farmstead, homestead, grazing area, common, aquaculture facility, farms, fishing area, dairy, field(s)
AIRPORT private authority, military authority, heliport, closed, medium airport, large airport, small airport, airfield, seaplane base, public authority, balloon port, airport
AMUSEMENT_PARK amusement arcade, amusement place, amusement park
AUTOMOTIVE_DEALER atv/snowmobile, boat, bus, motorcycle, truck, van, recreational vehicles, car, automotive dealer
BANK bank, banks, bank(s)
BEACH beach, beaches
BUILDING_POINT building (point)
BUSINESS_PARK business park, industrial area
CAFE_PUB internet café, tea house, cafe, internet cafe, café, coffee shop, microbrewery/beer garden, pub, café/pub, cafe/pub
CAMPING_GROUND recreational, caravan site, camping ground
CAR_WASH car wash
CASH_DISPENSER automatic teller machine, cash dispenser
CASINO casino
CINEMA drive-in cinema, cinema
CITY_CENTER neighborhood, administrative area, city center, center
CLUB_ASSOCIATION beach club, hockey club, club association
COLLEGE_UNIVERSITY junior college/community college, college/university, college, university prep school, university
COMMERCIAL_BUILDING office building, park headquarters, commercial building
COMMUNITY_CENTER community center
COMPANY electronics, manufacturing, computer data services, public health technologies, diversified financials, animal shelter, airline, equipment rental, service, mail/package/freight delivery, bus lines, home appliance repair, cleaning services, oem, tax services, oil natural gas, legal services, construction, telecommunications, transport, automobile manufacturing, chemicals, funeral service mortuaries, bridge tunnel operations, automobile, mechanical engineering, services, investment advisors, advertising/marketing, moving storage, savings institution, insurance, computer software, pharmaceuticals, catering, wedding services, agricultural technology, real estate, taxi, limousine shuttle service, bus charter rentals, mining, publishing technologies, cable telephone, import/export distribution, company, asylum, coal mine(s), estate(s), brewery, gold mine(s)
COURTHOUSE courthouse
CULTURAL_CENTER cultural center
DENTIST dentist
DEPARTMENT_STORE department store
DOCTOR general practitioner, specialist, doctor
ELECTRIC_VEHICLE_STATION electric vehicle station
EMBASSY embassy
EMERGENCY_MEDICAL_SERVICE emergency medical service
ENTERTAINMENT entertainment
EXCHANGE gold exchange, currency exchange, stock exchange, exchange
EXHIBITION_CONVENTION_CENTER exhibition convention center
FERRY_TERMINAL ferry, ferry terminal
FIRE_STATION_BRIGADE fire station/brigade
FRONTIER_CROSSING frontier crossing
FUEL_FACILITIES fuel facilities
GEOGRAPHIC_FEATURE bay, cove, pan, locale, ridge, mineral/hot springs, well, reservoir, marsh/swamp/vlei, quarry, river crossing, valley, mountain peak, reef, dune, lagoon, plain/flat, rapids, cape, plateau, oasis, harbor, cave, rocks, geographic feature, promontory(-ies), islands, headland, pier, crater lake, cliff(s), hill, desert, portage, glacier(s), gully, geyser, coral reef(s), gap, gulf, jetty, ghat, hole, crater lakes, gas field, islet, crater(s), cove(s), grassland, gravel area, fracture zone, heath, gorge(s), island, headwaters, hanging valley, hills, hot spring(s), furrow, anabranch
GOLF_COURSE golf course
GOVERNMENT_OFFICE order 5 area, order 8 area, order 9 area, order 2 area, order 7 area, order 3 area, supra national, order 4 area, order 6 area, government office, diplomatic facility, United States government establishment, local government office, customs house, customs post
HEALTH_CARE_SERVICE blood bank, personal service, personal care facility, ambulance unit, health care service, leprosarium, sanatorium, hospital, medical center, clinic
HELIPAD_HELICOPTER_LANDING helipad/helicopter landing
HOLIDAY_RENTAL bungalow, cottage, chalet, villa, apartment, holiday rental
HOSPITAL_POLYCLINIC special, hospital of Chinese medicine, hospital for women, children, general, hospital/polyclinic
HOTEL_MOTEL cabins lodges, bed breakfast guest houses, hotel, rest camps, motel, resort, hostel, hotel/motel, resthouse, hammock(s), guest house
ICE_SKATING_RINK ice skating rink
IMPORTANT_TOURIST_ATTRACTION building, observatory, arch, tunnel, statue, tower, bridge, planetarium, mausoleum/grave, monument, water hole, natural attraction, important tourist attraction, promenade, pyramids, pagoda, castle, palace, hermitage, pyramid, fort, gate, country house, dam, lighthouse, grave
INDUSTRIAL_BUILDING foundry, fuel depot, industrial building, factory
LEISURE_CENTER bowling, snooker, pool billiard, flying club, dance studio school, sauna, solarium massage, leisure center, spa
LIBRARY library
MANUFACTURING_FACILITY manufacturing facility
MARINA yacht basin, marina
MARKET supermarkets hypermarkets, farmers, public, informal, market
MEDIA_FACILITY media facility
MILITARY_INSTALLATION military base, coast guard station, military installation, naval base
MOTORING_ORGANIZATION_OFFICE motoring organization office
MOUNTAIN_PASS mountain pass
MUSEUM museum
NATIVE_RESERVATION native reservation, reservation
NIGHTLIFE bar, karaoke club, jazz club, private club, wine bar, comedy club, cocktail bar, discotheque, nightlife
NON_GOVERNMENTAL_ORGANIZATION non-governmental organization
OPEN_PARKING_AREA open parking area, parking lot
OTHER locality, free trade zone, traffic circle, unknown
PARKING_GARAGE parking garage
PARK_RECREATION_AREA historic site, lakeshore, seashore, river scenic area, fishing hunting area, battlefield, winter sport, boat launching ramp, preserve, forest area, recreation area, ski resort, cemetery, historical park, parkway, memorial, fairground, picnic area, wilderness area, park recreation area, forest(s), fossilized forest, garden(s), wildlife reserve, nature reserve, forest station, hunting reserve, forest reserve, park
PETROL_STATION petrol station
PHARMACY pharmacy, dispensary
PLACE_OF_WORSHIP ashram, synagogue, mosque, gurudwara, church, temple, place of worship, mission, retreat, temple(s), religious site, religious center, monastery, convent
POLICE_STATION order 1 area, police station, police post
PORT_WAREHOUSE_FACILITY harbor(s), docking basin, port, port/warehouse facility, dockyard, dock(s)
POST_OFFICE local, post office
PRIMARY_RESOURCE_UTILITY primary resource/utility, power station, gas-oil separator plant
PRISON_CORRECTIONAL_FACILITY prison, prison/correctional facility
PUBLIC_AMENITY pedestrian subway, toilet, road rescue, passenger transport ticket office, public call box, public amenity, communication center
PUBLIC_TRANSPORT_STOP coach stop, bus stop, taxi stand, tram stop, public transport stop, metro station, railroad station, bus station, railroad stop
RAILWAY_STATION national, railway siding, metro, (sub) urban, railway station
RENT_A_CAR_FACILITY rent-a-car facility
RENT_A_CAR_PARKING rent-a-car-parking
REPAIR_FACILITY bodyshops, tyre (tire) services, repair shops, car glass replacement shops, general car repair servicing, sale installation of car accessories, motorcycle repair, truck repair service, repair facility
RESEARCH_FACILITY research facility
RESIDENTIAL_ACCOMMODATION retirement community, townhouse complex, flats/apartment complex, condominium complex, residential estate, residential accommodation
RESTAURANT German, creole-Cajun, Dutch, banquet rooms, bistro, Israeli, Slovak, Jamaican, vegetarian, seafood, Vietnamese, Maltese, Sichuan, welsh, Chinese, Japanese, Algerian, Californian, fusion, Shandong, salad bar, Savoy an, Spanish, Ethiopian, Taiwanese, doughnuts, Iranian, Canadian, American, Norwegian, French, Hunan, Polynesian, afghan, roadside, Asian, swiss, erotic, crêperie, Surinamese, Egyptian, Hungarian, Nepalese, barbecue, hot pot, hamburgers, Mediterranean, Latin American, tapas, British, Mexican, Guangdong, Asian (other), buffet, sushi, Mongolian, international, mussels, Thai, Venezuelan, Rumanian, chicken, soup, kosher, steak house, yogurt/juice bar, Italian, Korean, Cypriot, Bosnian, Bolivian, Dominican, Belgian, Tunisian, Scottish, English, Pakistani, Czech, Hawaiian, Maghrib, Tibetan, Arabian, middle eastern, Chilean, Shanghai, polish, Filipino, Sudanese, Armenian, Burmese, Brazilian, Scandinavian, Bulgarian, soul food, Colombian, Jewish, pizza, Sicilian, organic, Greek, Basque, Uruguayan, cafeterias, Finnish, African, Corsican, Syrian, Caribbean, Dongbei, Russian, grill, take away, fast food, Australian, Irish, pub food, fondue, Lebanese, Indonesian, Danish, Provençal, teppanyaki, Indian, Mauritian, western continental, Peruvian, Cambodian, snacks, Swedish, macrobiotic, ice cream parlor, Slavic, Turkish, Argentinean, Austrian, exotic, Portuguese, Luxembourgian, Moroccan, sandwich, Cuban, restaurant
RESTAURANT_AREA restaurant area
REST_AREA rest area, halting place
SCENIC_PANORAMIC_VIEW scenic/panoramic view, observation point
SCHOOL culinary school, primary school, art school, senior high school, driving school, language school, sport school, preschool, high school, middle school, vocational training, special school, child care facility, school, technical school, military school, agricultural school
SHOP factory outlet, security products, Christmas/holiday store, opticians, house garden: lighting, lottery shop, musical instruments, nail salon, house garden: painting decorating, hobby/free time, newsagents tobacconists, clothing accessories: specialty, dry cleaners, bags leatherwear, pet supplies, clothing accessories: children, construction material equipment, jewelry, clocks watches, clothing accessories: footwear shoe repairs, house garden: curtains/textiles, electrical, office it: consumer electronics, electrical, office it: camera's photography, cd's, DVD videos, laundry, clothing accessories: men, florists, pawn shop, book shops, marine electronic equipment, food drinks: food markets, house garden: carpet/floor coverings, photocopy, boating equipment accessories, mobile phone shop, toys games, specialty foods, clothing accessories: general, food drinks: bakers, tailor shop, gifts, cards, novelties souvenirs, animal services, sports equipment clothing, stamp shop, electrical appliance, electrical, office it: office equipment, photo lab/development, wholesale clubs, house garden: furniture fittings, local specialties, food drinks: butchers, variety store, food drinks: food shops, food drinks: wine spirits, drug store, furniture/home furnishings, electrical, office it: computer supplies, cd/video rental, medical supplies equipment, agricultural supplies, beauty salon, house garden: garden centers services, food drinks: fishmongers, beauty supplies, clothing accessories: women, travel agents, retail outlet, recycling shop, house garden: glass windows, hardware, real estate agents, glassware/ceramic, delicatessen, house garden: kitchens bathrooms, betting station, hairdressers barbers, food drinks: grocers, food drinks: green grocers, convenience stores, drive through bottle shop, house garden: do-it-yourself centers, antique/art, shop, store
SHOPPING_CENTER mall, shopping center
SPORTS_CENTER thematic sport, squash court, fitness club center, sports center
STADIUM netball, football, baseball, race track, multi-purpose, motor sport, cricket ground, rugby ground, ice hockey, athletic, horse racing, basketball, soccer, stadium, athletic field, racetrack
SWIMMING_POOL swimming pool
TENNIS_COURT tennis court
THEATER amphitheater, concert hall, dinner theater, music center, opera, cabaret, theater, opera house
TOURIST_INFORMATION_OFFICE tourist information office
TRAFFIC_LIGHT traffic light
TRAFFIC_SERVICE_CENTER traffic control department, traffic service center
TRAFFIC_SIGN traffic sign
TRAIL_SYSTEM adventure vehicle, rock climbing, horse riding, mountain bike, hiking, trail system
TRANSPORT_AUTHORITY VEHICLE_REGISTRATION transport authority/vehicle registration
TRUCK_STOP truck stop
VETERINARIAN veterinary facility, veterinarian
WATER_SPORT water sport
WEIGH_STATION weigh scales, weigh station
WELFARE_ORGANIZATION welfare organization
WINERY winery
ZOOS_ARBORETA_BOTANICAL_GARDEN wildlife park, aquatic zoo marine park, arboreta botanical gardens, zoo, zoos, arboreta botanical garden